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Magnetic photo booth frames

Since the beginning the 2 acrylic frame styles we have carried are the slanted photo booth frames and the vertical photo booth frames. Today we are launching a third style of acrylic frame, the magnetic frame.

The magnetic frame is made of the same high quality acrylic that our frames our, except they don’t have feet to stand on. The y have two large magnets on the back to stick to a refrigerator or other metal surface. These frames also lay flat which make them easy to put in any pocket.

The new magnetic photo booth frames are in stock now!

Our first 4″x6″ product!

Many photo booths are printing large format 4″x6″ pictures. If yours does we are now carrying 4″x6″ photo strip sleeves. They are in stock now so check them out.

Need 2″x7″ photo booth frames?

In the past we have only carried 2″x6″ and 2″x8″ photo booth frames. As of now we are adding a new size to that lineup 2″x7″. Both our slanted frames and and vertical frames are available in this 2″x7″ size.

These new photo booth picture frames are now available for purchase on our site!

To all of our international customers…

Shipping photo booth frames internationally can be expensive because of the weight of the frames can add up quickly. To try to make purchasing frames for our international customers as easy as possible we have come up with some flat rate international shipping rates.

If you live in Australia, the UK, or Canada check out our new international photo booth frames shipping rates. We currently have fixed rates for our 3 most popular products, photo booth sleeves, photo booth slanted frames and photo booth vertical frames.

If you are an international customer from a country not listed or would like to purchase a product not in the flat rate schedule just contact us and we will help you get the least expensive shipping rates possible.

Wanna test out some sample photo booth frames?

All the time we get requests from people wanting to try out samples of our photo booth frames. We have now come up with a streamline way to purchase a sample pack of all the different frames we sell!

At the bottom of our photo booth picture frame page you can now buy the sample pack for only $5, which even includes shipping anywhere in the United States.

Calling all photo booth vendors

If you are a photo booth rental company you have come to the right place! We offer special discounts and prices for photo booth rental companies.

Just shop for all your photo booth needs on our site and email us with what you need. We will promptly get you a quote.