Welcome to the new PhotoboothWarehouse.com

Welcome! We are pleased to announce that we are launching 3 new products today.

Jumbo photo frames

Jumbo photo frames are a new size frame we developed and are not available from anyone but us. There not just a little bigger then a standard photo frame, there a lot bigger. The jumbo photo frames are 30″ tall. That’s over 2 feet! They can be used at an event as a eye catching table placement or a great display for a photobooth company.

Memory books

What is necessary to occupancy every photobooth rental? Of course memory books. Now you can get them at PhotoboothWarehouse. We offer a selection memory books at competitive prices so you have one less thing to worry about. We even offer complete kits which include adhesive and pens to go along with your book.

Perfect card box

Ok, it’s not directly photobooth related but every wedding needs a card box. Now you can get a very elegant one right along your order of other photobooth needs.


What else? We have many more things coming this year and next so stay tuned!

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